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          Zhaoqing Elerf Underwear Co. Ltd. mainly manufacture the functional, comfortable and environmentally friendly bra pads in high class Renown for high quality, creative, innovative and unique, the bra pad collections have been widely used by the domestic and international international underwear companies and welcome by women. In the 10 years since its inception, Zhaoqing Elerf Underwear Co. Ltd. grows an integrated professional enterprise of researching &designing & manufacturing & selling women underwear accessory. Based on the advanced production technology, we have obtained the patent certificates of the United States, Japan, China and others. Meanwhile, our products have regarded people as oriented, placed emphasize on environmental health, have all contributed to honor the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Confidence Textiles Certificate authorized by Swiss Testex for many years. Sophisticated quality management and outstanding after-sales services make us win customer's trust widely. We believe instrongly: "Quality originates from Profession; Reputation originates from Sincere; Health originates from Environmental Protection; Beauty originates from Body Curve". Let woman sensea new feeling of health and perfection from comfortable fit and cares; vividly present modern women's fashion, vitality and self-confidence.